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Analog Peripherals

12-Bit ADC, 5 V input signal; up to 32 external inputs

- ±1 LSB INL; guaranteed monotonic

- Programmable throughput up to 200 ksps

- Data-dependent windowed interrupt generator

- Programmable gain maximizes input signal span

Built-in Temperature Sensor (±3 °C)

Three Comparators

Precision Internal Voltage Reference

VDD Monitor/Brown-out Detector

On-Chip Debug

- On-chip debug circuitry facilitates full speed, non-intrusive in-system

debug (no emulator required)

- Provides breakpoints, single stepping, watch-points

- Inspect/modify memory, registers, and stack

- Superior performance to emulation systems using ICE-chips, target

pods, and sockets

Temperature Range: –40 to +125 °C

Operating Voltage: 1.8 to 5.25 V

- Multiple power saving sleep and shutdown modes

Development Kit: C8051F580DK

High-Speed 8051 μC Core

- Pipelined instruction architecture; executes 70% of instructions in one or

two system clocks

- Up to 50 MIPS throughput


- 96 kB Flash; in-system programmable; flexible security features

- 8448 bytes data RAM (256 + 8 kB)

CAN 2.0B

- 32 message objects

LIN 2.1

- Master or slave operation using dedicated hardware

Digital Peripherals

- Up to 33 digital I/O; all are 5 V push-pull

- Hardware I2C, SPI?, and two UART serial ports available concurrently

- Two independent programmable 16-bit counter array with six capture/

compare modules

- Six general-purpose 16-bit counter/timers

- External Memory Interface (EMIF)

Clock Sources

- Internal programmable ±0.5% oscillator: Up to 50 MHz

- External oscillator: Crystal, RC, C, or CMOS Clock

Ordering Part Numbers

-C8051F590-IM, 40-Pin QFN (RoHS-comp liant), 6 x 6 mm2